2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens

2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens
June 29, 2018 Events Worldwide Travel
Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018

2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens

Hosted by The United States with games scheduled for San Fransisco and San Jose, California.

HSBC Sevens World Series

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California, USA


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2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens

Hosted by the United States


The 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens will be hosted by the United States in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Games are scheduled to be played at two major stadiums, AT&T Park in San Fransisco and Avaya Stadium in San Jose. The beautiful San Fransisco Bay area will be an impressive stage for the world’s top men’s and women’s Rugby Sevens teams and the event will be an important lead-up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. San Fransisco is a major tourism and sporting destination and there’s a growing rugby community that will support the event. Superb facilities will ensure all teams have everything they need to be World Champions and the surrounding areas will make for an incredible place to travel to and support the Sevens. Rugby Sevens is growing in popularity around the world due to its high intensity format providing exciting blockbuster games, festival atmosphere, as well as its inclusion as a new sport in the 2016 Rio Olympics. New Zealand will come into the 2018 World Cup as the reigning men’s champions having defeated England in The Cup Final at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow in 2015, while the women’s New Zealand Team will defend their title after beating Canada. We will be supporting the Sevens by providing world-class Travel Packages and Tours with opportunities for supporters to explore the area as well as enjoy the World Cup with fantastic seats. As always there will be a wide range of options to suit most budgets and tastes. So stay tuned by registering your interest and you’ll be jet-setting with us to the U.S. for the next instalment of Rugby World Cup Sevens in mid 2018.

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2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens

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Event Information

Important event information will be listed here in due course. Currently no event information is available, other than games will be played at AT&T Stadium in San Fransisco and Avaya Stadium in San Jose. Dates are expected to be announced soon and it is speculated the event will take place in June 2018.


See the FAQ section for more information, or contact us.


This section answers the most common questions asked about this event. If you have a question not listed here, please contact us and we’ll help you out.


Can I buy Tickets without accommodation?


All Rugby World Cup Sevens Tickets will be issued as part of our Travel Packages and Tours, which will have a minimum accommodation requirement. Individual Ticket brokers will be authorised by World Rugby in due course.

Where will my seats be?

Seats for the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens matches will be in our allocated blocks provided by World Rugby. This means that you cannot pick an individual seat while booking and you will be allocated a seat by us in booking date order. While booking, we can accept seating requests, i.e. a particular side or aisle or area and we will fulfil requests where possible. All requests are not guaranteed and will be allocated in booking date order. This means, the earlier you book, the better seats you will have and the more likely you will have a special request filled. Seating plans and maps will be provided in due course.

What categories of Tickets are available?

Currently Ticket Categories are not known, however it’s speculated that there will be Category A, B, C and D for all Matches.


How many teams are playing?

The 2018 World Cup will have 24 men’s teams and 16 women’s teams.

Teams will be decided by the end of 2017.

What is the format of the event?

The Rugby World Cup Sevens Tournament format is unique to Sevens Rugby.

Based on the 2013 World Cup, the following may be similar to what will happen in 2018.


Teams will go into the Tournament ranked in 4 Bands for both men’s and women’s competition. The Bands will have 6 teams for men’s and 4 teams for women’s. The bands are allocated according to series points accumulated over the 2015/16 and 2016/17 HSBC Sevens World Series and the first few rounds of the 2017/18 Series.

Teams who are ranked 1 – 8 in the Bands will compete for the Cup, 8-16 for the Plate and 16-24 for the Bowl.

For women’s the top 6 teams compete for the Cup and 6-12 for the Bowl.

This means that only the top 8 teams for men’s and top 6 for women’s have a chance at becoming World Champions by winning The Cup.


Before the Tournament all the teams are drawn into Pools A, B, C and D, categorised from the Bands so they can compete in a Knockout stages to win each Trophy type.

Knockout Stages

For each Pool, the teams will compete in knockout stages to be the champions.


The 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens was won by New Zealand who took home The Cup over England, 33 – 0 and in the women’s New Zealand beat Canada, 29 – 12.

What is the Tournament schedule like?

The Tournament schedule is not known at this stage.

What stadiums will be used?

AT&T Park in San Fransisco and Avaya Stadium in San Jose will host matches for the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens.

AT&T Park has a capacity of 42,000 and is primarily used for Major League Baseball.

Avaya Stadium has a capacity of 18,000 and is primarily used for Major League Soccer.

Refer to the map below.

What is the qualifying like for teams?

9 men’s teams will qualify automatically according to their world rankings from the HSBC Sevens World Series and 5 women’s teams.

Automatic Qualifiers
2 teams from Africa
1 team from South America
3 teams from Europe
3 teams from Oceania

1 team from Africa
1 team from North America/Caribbean
1 team from Europe
2 teams from Oceania

Teams who do not automatically qualify still have a chance if they win the qualifying process for available positions from each continent. The available positions are listed below.

Competing Qualifiers
2 more teams will qualify from North America/Caribbean
2 more teams will qualify from Africa
2 more teams will qualify from Oceania
5 more teams will qualify from Europe
3 more teams will qualify from Asia
1 more team will qualify from South America

Total 24 teams.

1 more team will qualify from North America/Caribbean
1 more team will qualify from Africa
3 more teams will qualify from Oceania and Asia
5 more teams will qualify from Europe
1 more team will qualify from South America

Total 16 teams.

How do I get to each stadium?

Transport Information will be provided in due course.

Transfers will be made available, as well as self-drive and public transport options.


What are your payment terms?

Payment terms will be made available with our Packages in due course.

It is likely there will be a deposit requirement, stage payments and a final balance.

When do I get my Tickets?

Your 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens Tickets will be issued with your final Travel Documentation. Travel Documentation will be sent approximately 4 weeks before the event, so you can have the most up-to-date information in-hand before you leave, as well as the important Event Tickets.

Ticket delivery is subject to change, collection points may be available.

How can I extend my stay?

Extending your stay is very simple, simply let us know after our Packages are announced.

Do I require Travel Insurance?


Travel Insurance is a necessity. We recommend it for all and every travel you undertake. We offer flexible policies to suit all needs through CHI and QBE and if you book your Insurance with us, we can offer you a 15% discount from retail rates. Simply contact us and speak with a travel consultant for your Travel Insurance needs.

Is there a minimum accommodation requirement?


For our Rugby World Cup Sevens Packages we will have a minimum stay requirement. You can extend your stay and change your check-in, check-out dates on request.

How do I book a Package?

After our Packages are announced, you will be able to book by; filling our our booking form, calling us toll free on 1300 788 666 or sending an email to res@events.com.au.

Can I customise my own Package?

We welcome customisations to Packages. Feel free to change your dates or hotel and add on rental cars, flights, transfers, extra tickets and anything else you may need.

Can I change the dates of my accommodation?


You can change the dates of your stay, simply by letting a Travel Consultant know when booking or after you have booked. Amendment fees may apply.

Can I book flights with you?


We issue our own Flight Tickets in-house as an Official IATA Travel Agency. This means we have access to the best available fares on all carriers and ticket flights ourselves, allowing us to create you the perfect Package, flight inclusive. So let us know where your travelling from and we can easily add flights to your Package.

Key Locations

Explore the map for stadium locations.

With huge growth and exponential support for Rugby Sevens continuously building, the 2018 World Cup in the United States will be massive. San Fransisco will an incredible host city, we can’t wait to help you get there!

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