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You will be notified by a Travel Expert as soon as possible as to what your options are  This is dependent on policy negotiations with our suppliers and event organisers. You do not need to contact us, we will contact you as soon as we have the full details. Our team will be working behind the scenes to ensure the best outcome for our customers.

You will automatically be transferred to the new dates and notified as soon as possible. Please consider there will be a number of customers we need to re-accommodate and this takes time. You do not need to contact us until we have sought any changes or details from you. Note that hotels and often other services need to be re-contracted for the new dates. This may result in a change of rates however we are negotiating and will offer the best possible outcomes. Our team will be working behind the scenes to ensure the best outcome for our customers.

Your cancellation must provided to a Travel Expert at our office in writing (email is acceptable). Normal cancellation penalties apply as per our Booking and Travelling Terms and Conditions.  We suggest you contact your travel insurance provider to make a claim if the reason for cancellation can be considered.


To start your journey, please get in touch with a Travel Expert by phone, email or message. Alternatively, navigate to an event listing and once there, click the ‘New Enquiry’ button and complete the form.

If you request to book a listed package, your booking will be confirmed right away. If you require a quote for services not listed or a custom-made package, a Travel Expert will provide you with a quote and more information before your booking is confirmed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

We sell Travel Packages, Tours and Hospitality to major events around the world and have the following services available:
  • Events: Tickets, hospitality and exclusive experiences
  • Flights: All carriers and destinations
  • Accommodation: Extra nights, room upgrades and more
  • Transport: Coaches, private transfers and car hire
  • Sightseeing: Attractions, day trips and organised tours
  • Custom-made Packages: For individuals and groups of all sizes, including corporate groups and incentives
  • Travel Insurance: Domestic and international policies, including a 15% off base policy discount for Australian residents

For most events we partner with, we are licensed to sell Official Travel Packages and do not sell event tickets individually without a complete package.

The exception to this is Hospitality. For most events we sell Hospitality Packages individually, without additional services. This is particularly useful if you live locally to the event, you are booking for a corporate group, or you do not require accommodation or other travel services which make up a package.

Yes. We work with licensed Travel Agents around the world. You are welcome to refer your Travel Agent to book with us on your behalf. We will liaise directly with them to manage your booking. If you’re a Travel Agent reading this, you can learn more.

Yes. As an online travel company, our customers are located around the world and travel to events around the world too, not just inbound/outbound for Australia. Many of our travel products are priced in AUD. If pricing is in AUD, you can make payment in your local currency which is then converted to AUD at time of payment.

Some of our pricing is in the currency where the event is taking place (e.g. GBP for U.K. events or USD for U.S. events). This means prices can be fixed and you benefit from less currency changes, ultimately making prices cheaper. If you are an Australian customer and pricing is in a foreign currency, you can pay in AUD, which is then converted to the foreign currency at time of payment.

Yes. We are a licensed IATA Agency and ticket airfares directly with all major airlines in-house. This means we have access to the best available fares and have real time access to manage and change your booking.

Yes. We understand our customers have varying needs and our set packages may not be perfect for you.

We are proud to specialise in designing and creating custom-made packages. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll provide you with a quote, more information and recommendations if required.

After your booking is confirmed, changes are typically not possible. It largely depends on what changes are being made and the terms of the end supplier. Changes are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, upgrades are possible at any time (ticket upgrades, extra nights, extra travellers etc.). However, we recommend adding upgrades at the time of booking. This will ensure all travellers are seated together, best prices and availability.

We accept cheques, bank transfers and credit cards. Domestic bank transfers and cheques have no fees. International bank transfers (e.g. from an international bank to our Australian bank or from an Australian bank to our international bank) incur a nominal A$20 service fee per transaction. All card payments incur merchant fees. For Visa and MasterCard it’s 1.5% and for American Express it’s 1.98%.

Payment instructions will be provided on booking.

For most events we require a low deposit of 10-25% to confirm your booking, plus any upgrades or extra services.

The balance for your booking is due approximately 90 days before the event begins. If you make a booking less than 90 days before the event, full payment is required to confirm your booking.

For some events, particularly events occurring 12 months or more into the future, we deploy one or two stage payments to make the payment process easier for you. This in turn reduces the deposit and balance payments.

Payment plans vary event-to-event. For specific terms, please see the relevant event listing.

All customers who make a booking with us (Events Travel) agree to our Booking and Travelling Terms and Conditions, which can be found on our website or a PDF version can be sent on request at any time. These Terms and Conditions cover cancellations in detail.

We highly recommend all customers take out travel insurance to cover you in the event that the unforeseeable happens. We sell travel insurance as part of our services and have negotiated with CHI to provide Australian residents with 15% off base policies. Our Travel Experts can help select the right policy for you, or you can purchase your own policy elsewhere or use a policy from your credit card provider.

Packages are designed for independent travellers and are not escorted day-to-day by Events Travel Staff. With a package, you’re travelling on your own, but you may still see Events Travel staff at formal events, transfers or at a collection centre.

With a tour it’s the opposite and you will be escorted throughout your trip by an experienced Tour Manager, who is there to manage the group and make sure you have a smooth and pleasant experience.

All our tours are designed for small-groups and balance event experiences, destinations and are often themed (golf, gourmet, nature etc.) Tours are a great option if you want to travel with like-minded travellers and to relax and enjoy the trip, knowing everything is taken care of.


Yes. We recommend travel insurance for every trip, big or small. Travel insurance is designed to cover you for unforeseen loss, damages or emergencies. We sell travel insurance as part of our services and have negotiated with CHI to provide Australian residents with 15% off base policies. Our Travel Experts can help select the right policy for you, or you can purchase your own policy elsewhere or use a policy from your credit card provider.

All travellers are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate passport, visas, permits and certificates to enter the countries which you will be visiting during your trip. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. We cannot be held liable if you are refused entry, deported or are unable to use travel services due to ineligible passports or visas.

If you are unsure of your visa requirements please check the Smart Traveller website for assistance. You may also refer to Visa Link website for more information.

Yes. We specialise in creating custom-made packages for groups of all sizes. Whether you’re travelling as a group of friends, a corporate group or an incentive group, we can make it happen. We have assisted groups of more than 300 travellers at once, proving we have the knowledge to ensure your group travel experience is unforgettable (in a good way).

Relax and feel confident that your group is in good hands. You will be assigned a dedicated Group Travel Expert, who will look after your group from start to finish and will be on call. We can create customised payment plans, flexible terms and can arrange all components of your groups trip; including event tickets, hospitality suites, private suites, meeting rooms, group hotels, group transport and branded components. Get in touch to start your group travel experience today.

Yes. We specialise in creating custom-made travel experiences and are extremely experienced in handling travel for corporate groups, incentive groups and for VIP travellers. Get in touch to start your corporate travel experience today.

Complete a new enquiry form or get in touch with a Travel Expert to start your journey.

One of our friendly Travel Experts will contact you by email or phone to go through your travel requirements, provide recommendations if needed and prices based on what you need.

After making a booking, you will receive a deposit invoice and booking confirmation. Your deposit invoice contains payment instructions and your booking confirmation outlines the services you have booked. To secure your booking, you need to pay your deposit invoice. Once you’ve done that you’ll be all set.

If the event is still a while away, you will receive email updates with more information about your trip, including important event announcements such as finalised teams and player lists, entertainment line-ups, venue maps, event schedules and more.

Approximately 2-4 weeks before your event begins, we start sending out travel documents. Travel documents generally contain a travel documents email and a parcel. Your travel documents email outlines your booking and important information relating to your trip, while your parcel contains the physical items you require (if any). These physical items may be event tickets, ticket holders and lanyards, merchandise and other items. To be more sustainable, where possible we only send the travel documents email, so you may not receive a parcel if your tickets and other items can be sent digitally. We’ll let you know if this applies after booking.

For some events, or if you live internationally and cannot receive your parcel within the available timeframe, we will make your parcel available for collection from your hotel or an official collection centre. If this is the case, you will be advised within your travel documents email, this always comes first.

Your tickets are either sent within your travel documents email if they are digital, or they are sent within your parcel if they are a hard-copy. Please see the previous question which outlines this process in more detail. More information about the travel documents process will be provided to you when making a booking. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Things happen well in advance within the travel industry and we have been known to plan for events that are four years away, even though flights typically aren’t in system range until 11 months in advance!

This means we often have event listings published for events happening years into the future. If you’re interested in travelling to a future event, we recommend navigating to an event listing and signing up for Priority Access to that event. By signing up, you’ll receive an email alert when products go on sale, access to early-bird specials and a pre-sale window, so you can book your trip before anyone else.

If you can’t find a future event listed on our website, simply email [email protected] to go on the Priority Access list for that event.


If you have lost your event tickets, please refer to your travel documents email to find the relevant emergency contact number of our Onsite Team, or get in touch with our office.

Our team will arrange with the event organisers to print you a new ticket. For some events there is no fee, but for many events a small fee will apply for the re-print. Your travel documents email will outline the applicable fee. Please note that some events do not re-print tickets at all and a new ticket will need to be purchased. In this instance, please get in touch with our office.

If you have missed your flight and you’re at the airport, the best thing to do is to visit your airlines service desk in the departures hall. Airline service staff will be able to arrange for you to catch the next available service or use another carrier to get you to your destination or connecting flight. We recommend you visit the service desk if you require an urgent, on-the-spot solution.

If you are not at the airport or it’s non-urgent, please get in touch with a Travel Expert to explore your options (please note this applies only to flights that are booked through Events Travel). If you have booked a flight yourself or through another provider, please ask that provider for assistance, as we cannot manage an external booking through our systems.

For hotel or other end supplier issues, the best way to resolve an issue is to speak to hotel reception staff. If hotel staff cannot resolve your issue, please get in touch with a Travel Expert who will resolve the issue with the hotel on your behalf. If you are physically at the hotel, speaking to hotel reception staff will be the fastest way to resolve an issue.

Please note that issues are difficult to fix retroactively. If you have an issue during your stay, we encourage you to seek a resolution at the time, as requesting compensation from a hotel after your stay is generally difficult or not possible.

For emergencies while travelling, please contact your relevant local emergency services (see this list of global emergency services numbers).

If you have a service or booking related emergency, please see your travel documents email for emergency contacts of our Onsite Team. Or, during business hours get in touch with our office.


We have been pioneering sports travel globally since 1993. We have helped over 130,000 fans travel to all corners of the globe to witness some of sports most historic moments. Not only are our team extremely experienced, but we are passionate about helping fans get the most from their travel experience—something we hope to do for you!

By choosing us as your travel partner, it means you have access to official tickets and are not supporting the secondary or black markets, which is a risky way to travel and undermines the industry and your protections. On top of this, we are fully accredited and family-owned.

Finally, almost 30 years of creating unforgettable travel experiences says it all!

We are a proud long-standing Official Travel Agent for many of the world’s biggest events. To check our official status, navigate to an event listing to look for an official mark or notice. Or check our track record.

Absolutely. We collect reviews through Trustpilot, the most reliable and authentic way to collect customer reviews. We’re proud to display our excellent rating! See our reviews on Trustpilot.

Events Travel was founded in 1993 and has been operating for almost 30 years. Learn more about us.