Monaco Grand Prix 2021

Formula 1® Monaco Grand Prix 2021

21-23 May, 2021

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Your Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2021 experience starts here. Join us at Formula 1’s most prestigious race, where drivers hustle around the toughest street circuit of the Championship, past famous landmarks and through the tunnel to claim the ultimate F1 victory. Enjoy the glitz, glamour and history of the Monaco Grand Prix on the French Riviera with Events Travel in 2021.

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We are proud to offer Monaco Grand Prix Packages with official tickets and official hospitality; including Superyachts, Suites and the Formula 1 Paddock Club. Pair these ticket options with accommodation in Monaco, Nice or Cannes. Then you can add-on transport, sightseeing, unique experiences, functions, and more. You can trust our experienced team of Travel Experts to ensure your Monaco Grand Prix 2021 experience is unforgettable.

Have a look through our Monaco Grand Prix Packages below, then make a new enquiry to start your journey.


  • Nice Essentials Package
    Nice Essentials
    Stay for 3-nights in Nice to experience the Monaco Grand Prix on Saturday and Sunday
  • Ermanno Palace Hospitality
    Ermanno Palace 7th Floor
    Enjoy unparalleled views of almost 70% of the circuit from the 7th Floor suite
  • Monaco Grand Prix - Superyacht Combo
    Superyacht Combo
    Enjoy the best of both worlds with one day on a luxury Superyacht and one day at Ermanno Palace…
  • F1 Paddock Club
    Formula 1 Paddock Club™
    The Formula 1 Paddock Club is the premier hospitality option in sport
  • Monaco Grand Prix Grandstand K from above
    Ermanno Palace 7th Floor Combo
    Enjoy Ermanno Palace 7th Floor Suite on Saturday and Grandstand K Lower on Sunday
  • Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor Hospitality
    Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor
    Watch the race from the 3rd floor of Ermanno Palace with full hospitality
  • Hospitality Monaco Grand Prix
    Superyacht Experience
    Superyacht experiences are hard to top. Enjoy being right on the edge of the circuit with full hospitality


The Monaco Grand Prix is Formula 1’s flagship event. It stands alone, almost distinct from the sport itself. It’s a bucket-list event for millions and a dream for aspiring youngsters and current Formula 1 drivers to win.

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The race winds through the streets of Monte Carlo in Monaco, around yacht lined harbours, historic landmarks, temporary grandstands and through the famous tunnel; demanding more concentration than any other Formula 1 circuit. Overtaking is difficult, which makes qualifying vitally important. The Monaco Grand Prix is a historic occasion and the battleground of legends ever since the race became a regular fixture on the world championship in 1955.

Situated in the French Riviera, Monaco is synonymous with luxury, glamour and lifestyle. Over centuries, the coastal villages from Saint Tropez to Monaco have been the focal point of movies, novels, photoshoots and the playground of celebrities, oligarchs and world leaders. It makes perfect sense therefore that Formula 1’s most prestigious race takes place in Monaco.

Events Travel is proud to provide fans with the means to live the dream, tick off the bucket-list or visit Monaco once again.

We are proud to offer the full-service and a range of Monaco Grand Prix Packages for 2021. We encourage you to have a look through the options on this page and if you need any assistance or would like a custom-made package, please get in touch with our team of Travel Experts. We’re looking forward to getting your journey started today.

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Monaco Grand Prix Circuit


Coming soon for Monaco Grand Prix 2021

Fast Facts

  • Artyon Senna has the most Monaco Grand Prix wins (6), five of which were won in consecutive years from 1989-1993
  • The Lowes hairpin of Circuit de Monaco is the slowest on the F1 calendar, taken at just 48km/h
  • Each year, 33km of safety rails are erected around the circuit
  • Only two cars have ever ended up in the Mediterranean during a Monaco Grand Prix
  • McLaren is the team with the most Monaco Grand Prix wins
  • While it’s a glamorous option to stay in Monaco during the Grand Prix, the supply of quality hotels and rooms is quite thin, making it an expensive option. If you’re not looking to break the bank, we recommend staying in Nice (or Cannes) and travelling into Monaco each day by train
  • If you stay outside Monaco, try to avoid the roads on race day, as they can be disrupted by traffic and are single lanes winding down from the mountain top. Instead, take a helicopter transfer to Monaco and the train back, or a water taxi is another great way to get there
  • If you’re planning a broader trip throughout Europe, let us know so we can add extra nights to your stay in Monaco, Nice or Cannes
  • If you’re planning on staying aboard a cruise ship during the Monaco Grand Prix, we can provide hospitality packages individually, without accommodation

What’s on offer from Events Travel?

  • Event: Monaco Grand Prix Tickets, Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality and exclusive experiences
  • Flights: All carriers and destinations
  • Accommodation: Extra nights, room upgrades and more
  • Transport: Coaches, private transfers and car hire
  • Sightseeing: Attractions, day trips and organised tours
  • Custom-made Packages: For individuals and groups of all sizes, including corporate groups and incentives
  • Travel Insurance: Domestic and international policies, including a 15% off base policy discount for Australian residents


Your Host:

The principality of Monaco is a small sovereign country on the French Riviera, surrounded by France and the Mediterranean Sea. It is so small in fact, that it is the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City with a land area of just 2.02km² — smaller than Central Park in New York! Monaco is governed by a constitutional monarchy — The House of Grimaldi — with Prince Albert II as current head of state. The country’s economic development in the 19th century was spurred by the opening of the Monte Carlo Casino, which drew gamblers, celebrities and onlookers down from Paris. The now famous Casino, paired with a mild climate, warm sea and stunning coastal scenery and relaxed tax laws has lead to Monaco being a popular destination for the rich and powerful. Monaco now has the second-highest GDP per capita in the world, with one-third of the population being millionaires or billionaires. For this reason, Monaco is a fascinating place to visit, where the rich and famous live lavishly, luxury pours out of buildings onto pristine streets and the Mediterranean laps at its coastline.




Monaco is known for its lovely weather, offering around 300 days of sunshine a year. In May, the daily average sits around 20C, and though it’s nearly summer the sea temperature is still cool and refreshing. UV Indexes can be high at this time, pack your sun protection and a jumper so you can enjoy watching the sunset across the Mediterranean Sea in comfort

Things to do

Experience the Monaco Grand Prix in 2021, Formula 1's most prestigious race

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