Isle of Man TT 2021

Isle of Man TT 2021

4-12 Jun, 2021

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Your Isle of Man TT experience starts here. Experience the ultimate motorcycling event on the beautiful and historic Isle of Man; just off the English coast. The famous Mountain Course is made up of 37.73 miles of public roads, stretching across the entire island with tight turns, no safety barriers and high speed spectating. The Isle of Man TT draws die-hard fans from around the world seeking a glimpse of the action, history and prestige of the world-famous event.
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At Events Travel, we’ve been helping fans get to the Isle of Man since 2013 and are proud to offer a range of Official Isle of Man TT Packages for 2021. Packages include official tickets, official hospitality, accommodation, transport, sightseeing, unique experiences and more. In addition, our experienced Travel Experts can customise your trip with flights, transport, extra nights, ferry tickets and much more. We look forward to putting together an unforgettable travel experience for you to the Isle of Man in 2021.




Experience the intoxicating highs and infamous lows of the Isle of Man TT in 2021. It’s an exhilarating long weekend as riders tackle the winding 37.7 mile street circuit which has 200 corners and endless challenges. The race is as dangerous as motorcycling gets, with riders reaching speeds in excess of 130mph through narrow streets with hedgerows, hills and crests. The race is so dangerous in fact, that over the 113 year period more than 270 people have lost their lives. The fatalities have involved riders, officials and some spectators, although safety measures are now in place, limiting where spectators can view the race from.

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The Isle of Man TT is the only motorcycling race in the world where public roads are closed to allow flat out racing. Because of this, riders must memorise the tough course which is much longer than a typical closed circuit. Riders must learn all 200 turns, curbs, walls, trees, buildings and changes in the road surfaces, to ensure fatal mistakes aren’t made. Experienced riders believe it takes 3-years to memorise the course properly and in the meantime, technology improves and bikes become faster, more agile and light; making the attempt to win all the more challenging.

So why do the riders take part in this notoriously dangerous race? To fulfil childhood dreams, and for their shot at glory and notoriety. It is a race where legends are made and records are broken. If you’ve dreamt of heading to the Isle of Man for the world-famous TT, we can get you there. As a partner of Isle of Man Travel, we have official packages available including tickets, hospitality and accommodation on the island in hotels, glamping tents and lodges. On top of this, our Travel Experts will happily create a custom-made package for you with flights, additional accommodation, car hire, ferry tickets and whatever else you may need.

Now it’s time to start your journey to the Isle of Man. Get in touch with a Travel Expert today. We look forward to welcoming you to the Isle of Man TT in 2021!

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Isle of Man TT Race Course


The Isle of Man TT event takes place over two weeks; the first seven days consist of qualifying and practice days and the second week is left for racing. There are a total of seven events including Senior TT, Super Stock TT, Superbike TT, SuperSport TT, Lightweight TT, Side Car TT and newly added Zero TT – a race dedicated to electric motorcycles.

Fast Facts

  • Isle of Man TT – TT stands for Tourist Trophy
  • Each lap of the racetrack is 37.73 miles long or 60.72 kms
  • Racers average a speed of 130mph
  • Over the 113 year period that the race has been held, 270 racers have sadly lost their lives
  • The tail-less Manx Cat is native to the Isle of Man
  • The Isle of Man produces cereals and vegetables and also farms cattle, pigs and sheep
  • The Islands economic output is primarily from within tourism, financial services and manufacturing industries
  • Catch the ferry from England to the Isle of Man. Ferries depart from Heysham, Liverpool Dublin or Belfast
  • The ferry journey time is around 3 hours (depending on your departure location)
  • If you prefer to travel by air, flights are available from London, Manchester and Liverpool
  • Flight duration is around 35 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your departure city

What’s on offer from Events Travel?

  • Event: Isle of Man TT 2021 Tickets, Isle of Man TT 2021 Hospitality and exclusive experiences
  • Flights: All carriers and destinations
  • Accommodation: Extra nights, room upgrades and more
  • Transport: Coaches, private transfers and car hire
  • Sightseeing: Attractions, day trips and organised tours
  • Custom-made Packages: For individuals and groups of all sizes, including corporate groups and incentives
  • Travel Insurance: Domestic and international policies, including a 15% off base policy discount for Australian residents


Your Host:

The Isle of Man is a unique island destination, often overlooked by travellers heading from Great Britain for Ireland, yet is a destination that deserves some attention; and that’s certainly what it gets each racing season. Over 50,000 visitors flock to the island across May and June for the different race weeks, creating a bustling atmosphere that’s generally not felt on the quiet, isolated island during the rest of the year.
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The Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea, is roughly in the middle of Ireland and England, and is visible on clear days. To get there, take a flight to Douglas or sail aboard a fast or slow ferry from Liverpool, Belfast or Dublin, the preferred method. The scenic 2 hour, 45 minute trip can be purchased one-way, allowing visitors to start in England and finish in Ireland, or visa-versa, allowing you to do a round-trip as part of your broader travel itinerary.

Once on the island, the Isle of Man is breathtaking and unique. You’ll find lush valleys, rugged coastlines and barren hills. In 2016, UNESCO designated the Isle of Man a biosphere reserve, only one of five in the UK, which signifies the island as one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Britain.

Aside from the racing action, the Isle of Man will impress you with its beauty and history.

Visitors for the TT will be able to travel around the island using the extensive bus network, which ensures you’ll get to experience the beauty, history and intrigue of the islands many attractions during your visit.


Pound sterling (or Manx pound — has parity with GBP)


June on the Isle of Man is the start of summer. Days are getting longer with sunrise at approx. 4.45 and sunset at 21.45. Expect highs during the day of 18-22°C and lows overnight of 10-14°C. Some rain is expected during race week. We recommend packing for all seasons.

Things to Do

Experience the adrenalin, danger and history of the world's premier motorcycling event on the Isle of Man

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