Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

23 Jul-8 Aug, 2021

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Your Tokyo 2020 Olympics experience starts here. Tokyo 2020 Olympics will now be held in 2021 as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. This will be the fourth time Japan has hosted an Olympic Games, after previously hosting the 1964 Summer Olympics and the 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympics.
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It will be a fanfare of Japanese culture with the organisers deeming the Games the most innovative yet; focusing on unifying diversity, achieving personal bests and creating a legacy for the future.

Having helped fans experience Rugby World Cup 2019 2019, our experienced team are looking forward to heading back to Tokyo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Our Tokyo 2020 Olympic Packages include official tickets, official hospitality, accommodation, transport, sightseeing, unique experiences, and more. We hope you’ll join us for this modern Japanese take of the 2020 Olympic Games.

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Tokyo will host the Summer Olympic Games for the second time in 2021, making it the first city in Asia to host the Summer Games twice. The organisers said the 2020 Games will focus on unifying diversity, achieving personal bests and creating a legacy for the future. As we’re sure you’re aware, Tokyo 2020 was postponed from July 2020 to July 2021 amid the global pandemic. We’re positive Tokyo 2020 will be a huge success with even more time to prepare the city that will showcase Japan to the world.

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The 2020 Olympics will see a number of new sports added to the competition including freestyle BMX, Karate, Surfing, Skateboarding and Climbing.

With a capacity to hold 68,000 spectators, the newly revamped Japan National Stadium will host The Opening and Closing ceremonies and athletics events. Other events will be held across multiple venues, both close to the Olympic village and some further abroad, including Yokohama Stadium, Fuji International Speedway and Odori Park in Sapporo where the marathon will be held.

Japan lies off the east coast of Asia and consists of four main islands; Hokkaido (north), Honshu (main island), Shikoku (south) and Kyushu (furthest south). Japan is a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern life. It’s a country that will welcome you in and never stop surprising and delighting you. Across the country, you will find many things that are uniquely Japanese; Ryokans (traditional Japanese Inns), Onsens (bath houses), Zen Gardens, Temples, Sumo Wrestling halls and to get you across the country in style is the world’s fastest train system, the Shinkansen (bullet trains).

We hope you’ll join us for this modern Japanese take on the Olympics.

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Fast Facts

  • Japan last hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1964
  • The five Olympic rings represent all five continents that compete in the games
  • 23 countries have hosted Olympic Games to date
  • The 2012 London Olympics were the first Olympic games to include females from all competing nations
  • Visit Japan’s north island —Hokkaido— to explore some of Japan’s wild country side including hot springs, mountains and bear-filled national parks
  • Purchase a Shinkansen train ticket in Australia (or your home country), it’s cheaper and one of the best ways to travel between cities
  • Pre-book your train travel and seat, it will make the experience much more relaxing and will mean you don’t wait in queues to reserve a seat
  • Practice speaking some Japanese, the locals love to chat and will appreciate if you know a few words! Ko-ni-chi-wa (hello), Ari-gat-to (thank you), o-i-shi katta (that was delicious)
  • Consider purchasing a Wi-Fi plan before you go, Tokyo’s train network and schedule can get confusing, but Google will ensure you know which platform to choose and when the next train is
  • There are many nuances to travel in Japan and the unique culture is at first quite bizarre, but as you spend time in Japan, you’ll learn to love the authenticity, care and respect between one another
  • If you’re feeling at all unwell during your time in Japan, it’s respectful to wear a face mask and to avoid sneezing in public
  • Learn more about your trip at

What’s on offer from Events Travel?

  • Event: Official Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tickets and exclusive experiences
  • Flights: All carriers and destinations
  • Accommodation: Extra nights, room upgrades and more
  • Transport: Coaches, private transfers and car hire
  • Sightseeing: Attractions, day trips and organised tours
  • Custom-made Packages: For individuals and groups of all sizes, including corporate groups and incentives
  • Travel Insurance: Domestic and international policies, including a 15% off base policy discount for Australian residents


Your Host:

Tokyo is an incredible city that blends traditional culture and rich history with a dazzling forward-thinking desire for all things new. Tokyo offers infinite possibilities and is a collection of neighbourhoods that form one of the biggest cities in the world. The sprawling metropolis enchants visitors with dynamic arts, historic culture, delectable food, unique attractions and a respectful and endearing population. The Japanese locals are passionate about sports too. We’re sure each event of Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have an electric atmosphere and sell-out attendance.

Tokyo is one helluva city that will thrill, delight and surprise you.


Japanese Yen


July and August are the warmest months in Japan with rainy days becoming less frequent, you can expect highs of 28C in Tokyo and 24C in Sapporo. It will be humid during this time as the region moves out of the rainy season, so be prepared. Always remember your sun protection!

Things to Do

Experience Japan's unique culture and fascination for sport at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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