Travelling with us

Step by Step


A brief guide explaining the processes of travelling with us.

If you want, skip all the website stuff and give us a call on 1300 788 666.

Step 1


Search for an Event Package, Tour, or search our Platinum Travel options for Golfing Tours and more.

If you cannot find an event, contact us, for a completely customised package. For general travel services, groups, or customised travel packages, please contact us.

Step 2


Explore our event and tour webpages.

On each webpage, you will find information, such as;

  • Package Types
  • Inclusions
  • Durations
  • Key Locations
  • Event / Destination Information
  • Pricing, maps and more

For some events, all information will be available on the webpage, for other events we have made a brochure that you can print and save, to supplement our webpage information. We can send you brochures via email or post, just ask.

After exploring, it is time to decide on your package.

Step 3


After exploring your options it is time to book.

For the majority of events and tours, there will be a booking form located on the event/tour webpage, you can book by filling out the form with your details and package options.

Alternatively, for most events you can book with our general booking form, by phone, or over email.

For groups and customised packages, you will need to contact us.

Step 4


After booking a package or tour, our travel consultants will confirm your reservation with you, generally via email.

Your confirmation email will include your reservations, detailed information and payment requirements. The next step is to pay a deposit, this will vary from event to event. By paying your deposit you are confirming that you want to go ahead.

Please note: For some events, stage payments are required, so take note if you need to make multiple payments for a package/tour and when the payment deadline is.

After confirmation you can add on additional services, such as flights, rental cars, travel insurance. Learn more.

Step 5

Travel Documentation

After fully paying for your travel services, it will not be long until you are ready to go.

We send Travel Documentation out approximately 2 weeks prior to your trip.

Documentation may include;

  • Important travel information
  • Vouchers to redeem travel services
  • Full itineraries
  • Merchandise & tickets
  • Travel tips, maps & more

Step 6

That’s it!

After receiving your Travel Documentation, you are ready to go!

Find an event now.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, let us customise you a package!

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