Travel Services

Travel Services

A gallery view of the travel services available from EWT.

Travel Packages


We create Travel Packages to events and destinations worldwide. Packages contain inclusions, such as flights, hotels and exclusive match tickets to make your travel experience easy, high quality and great value. All packages.

General Travel


As a flexible travel company and wholesaler, we can create customised travel itineraries and book all general travel services, regardless of whether it’s with a package or simply an individual item. Contact us.

Luxury Tours


Through “The Platinum Experience” concept, we create Luxury Tours and Platinum Packages to events and destinations worldwide. Our Luxury Tours, many of which are golf orientated, include the best 5-star accommodation and only the very best travel services. Learn more.

Event Travel


We specialise in sporting events, however, also offer travel packages to other general events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show. Learn more.



We issue our own flight tickets in-house and have access to fares from all airlines. We provide flights with many packages and all tours, and you can book flights yourself online with our flight booking engine. Learn more.

French Open


We have official licenses to provide exclusive match tickets to many of the worlds leading and high demand sporting events. Get your hands on match tickets to Wimbledon, the French Open, the Super Bowl, The Ashes and many more. Match tickets are available with Travel Packages. Contact us.



We feature cruises in many of our Platinum Tours, but can also customise packages with cruises from all suppliers. Contact us.



We can provide accommodation options for all budgets (3, 4, and 5 star). For Travel Packages we often have multiple options to pick and choose from. All accommodation is checked by our staff and guaranteed for quality. Contact us.

rental cars


We can provide reliable, high quality transfers for groups and individuals, train tickets and rental cars from all leading suppliers. Transport options are included with Tours and in many Packages. Learn more.

Travel Insurance


We recommend purchasing Travel Insurance for every trip. It is an essential part of Travel. We have policies with 15% rebates from QBE and CHI. Our consultants can help you choose a policy before or after booking travel with us. You can also explore QBE and CHI polices on your own. Learn more.

group travel


Our Group Travel division are experts at co-ordinating complex itineraries for small to large groups. Let us take care of everything to guarantee quality, value and reliability. Contact us for a group travel quote, itinerary or customised packages. Contact us.

Broadway, NYC


Coming soon… Contact us.

If you have questions about the Travel Services we offer, please contact us. We would love to hear from you and look forward to helping you get the most out of your next trip.

Start looking for your favourite event with our event list, or contact us for a customised package to an event of your choosing.