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Trust and Safety

Accreditation and Consumer Protection

With the progression of technology in the travel sector and the ever increasing use of apps, websites, smart phones and the like to book travel services, the market place is swarming with home start ups, small businesses and individuals who sell anything from insurance to flights. However good this sounds, there’s always an element of risk. Are you booking through an accredited agency? Are the services you’ve booked guaranteed? Will you be covered by travel insurance for agency insolvency? These are all important questions and with the deregulation of the Australian Travel industry in 2014 and the Travel Compensation Fund redundancy, it’s now more than ever that you need to be travelling with a trusted, fully accredited travel company — like us.

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Accreditation & Licenses

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IATA: 02350364

Stands for International Air Transport Association. IATA works within the air transport industry to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air travel for the world’s consumers. IATA sets the standards of the airline industry by accrediting and auditing agents, such as ourselves, to ensure high standards of service and dependability in relation to air travel for consumers. Our IATA accreditation means we are able to quote, issue and ticket your airline tickets in-house and have the accreditation to do so effectively and safely, allowing our customers to travel with confidence. Learn more.

AFTA: 08767

Stands for Australian Federation of Travel Agents. AFTA is the peak industry body that has represented travel agents since 1957 in Australia. AFTA seeks to enhance professionalism through representation, education, training, support and administration of the ATAS scheme. AFTA has a state and federal role as a watchdog in the Travel Industry. AFTA members are those who align their business practices with AFTA guidelines and have been approved by AFTA. Learn more.

ATAS: A10563

Stands for AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme. Administered by AFTA, the ATAS sets the benchmark of quality within the travel industry. It’s hard for agencies to become members due to strict requirements proving membership as a mark of quality and we wear ours with pride. If you book with an ATAS accredited agent it means you’re in good hands and can travel with confidence. ATAS means you can enjoy peace of mind, expert guidance, save time, convenience, extra value and cost savings, professional advice, a personal touch, unbiased recommendations and confidence travelling with a reputable company. Learn more.

ASTA: members

Stands for American Society of Travel Agents. Founded in 1931, ASTA is the world’s largest association of travel professionals and aims to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and enhancement of professionalism. ASTA members act behind a code of ethics and demonstrate expert knowledge within the travel industry and in particular travel within the United States of America. Learn more.

IAGTO: members

Stands for International Association of Golf Tour Operators. IAGTO is in place to promote the implementation of best practices within the golf tourism industry and to generate and improve golf travel worldwide. As an IAGTO member, we aim to mirror the IAGTO best practices within our golf travel products. Learn more.






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