Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Events Travel?
Since 1993, we have been pioneering sports and event travel across the globe. We specialise in helping fans travel to and experience the world’s best events, providing quality travel services at the best available prices. And it doesn’t stop there. Our years of experience, event knowledge and on-going Official Partnerships with many of the world’s best events ensures you get the best access, seating and event experiences available. If you can’t find the right product for you, we can customise you a unique package, tour or itinerary. Get in touch to start your journey today.
Can I add services to my package?
Absolutely. While we aim to provide pre-made packages that suit most tastes and budgets we often find customers adding on extra nights, upgrading their hotel room or adding on extra services such as flights, transport, stop-overs and ticket upgrades. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to create unique and tailor-made event travel experiences. To add on extras, please specify your requirements while making an online booking, or speak with an Events Travel Expert.
Can I change options in my package?
Of course. We try to include options to suit most tastes and budgets, although we do recognise there are many different needs out there and pride ourselves on flexibility to create a unique experience for you. In some instances our packages require a minimum travel distance or hotel stay to meet our partnership requirements with event organisers, but most changes are possible.
Should I book travel insurance?
Absolutely. We recommend travel insurance for all trips big or small. While making your booking, ask an Events Travel Expert to help choose the right policy for you. Sometimes annual policies are best, so you’re covered for future trips too. Some customers may also qualify for complimentary travel insurance with their credit card provider when making payment. Either way, we can help you make the best decision. For our customers, we offer 15% off retail prices with CHI travel insurance. Get an instant quote.
How do I make a booking?
Making a booking is easy. There are two options, online or offline. Online: navigate to an event page and find the product pages within the ‘packages’ or ‘tours’ section. Once you click on a specific product, you can select options before confirming your details and making payment, all from within this website. After booking, you will receive email confirmations and an update by email from an Events Travel Expert. If the product you are interest in is on request or if you require extra services that need quoting, we will get back to you with availability and pricing after you submit an online form. Offline: we do also accept bookings by phone and email. Please see our contact page for the best ways to get in touch.
I want to travel to a future event that's not yet available, what should I do?
If you want to travel to a future event, the best thing to do is to register your interest. Navigate to the main event page and find the register section where you can input your name and email. After submitting your details you will be registered and see a ‘success’ page. When we have more information about product release dates and other travel information, we will be in touch by email. If you cannot find a particular event listing, please contact us to register your interest manually.
I am organising travel with a group, can you help?
Yes, absolutely. We understand organising a group can be painstaking task. Let us do the hard work for you. We are very experienced in group travel and can arrange everything from flights to transfers, group ticket blocks and other services that you need. We provide group travel experiences for schools, businesses, organisations and small/large groups. Get in touch with an Events Travel Expert to start your group travel experience today.
When do I receive my tickets and services?
Your tickets and information about the services you have booked will be provided in your travel documentation. Travel documentation contains vouchers, e-tickets, match tickets, merchandise and other applicable items. Travel documents are sent at least two weeks before the event by courier or occassionally by email if available. If you require documents earlier, you can submit a special request and a pick-up, hotel drop or other distrubution method will be chosen to meet your needs. For some events, tickets can only be provided at the event via an Official Ticket Collection Centres or at your hotel. More information about travel document delivery will be provided on booking, or on a main event page.
If something goes wrong while travelling, what should I do?
One of the benefits of booking with Events Travel is that you have our expert staff at your disposal. This is especially important if something goes wrong, which does happen from time to time. Examples can include flight delays and overbooking, transport issues and lost tickets. Many of the issues travellers face can be best solved by speaking with the end supplier. For example, if there is a flight delay, speaking to the airline is the best method to resolving your issue. However, if your issue cannot be solved effectively or in a timely manner, Events Travel can step-in to help you. We provide emergency numbers in your travel documentation and will happily make things right so you can continue on your journey. It’s important to note that we do not take responsibility for any issues with end suppliers and the service provided plus certain terms and conditions do apply. We will act to ensure you have safe and reliable travel experience.
I can't find an event on your site, can you help organise travel to that event?
Absolutely. As a full-service travel company we can customise you a complete package or tour to almost any event on the planet. Please get in touch with an Events Travel Expert to start your journey.

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