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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you haven’t found what you were looking for, please ask a question by opening the toggle below. We will answer you via email and may include your question in this FAQ section to help others. For more information, please contact us.

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How can I trust booking with EWT?

We believe everyone should travel confidently and avoid online scams and unreliable suppliers.  We are a fully licensed Travel Company, operating that way since 1993. We are members of IATA, ASTA, AFTA, ATAS and IAGTO.

We have the necessary insurances required for full accreditation.  In addition we are audited annually to retain our IATA self ticketing license for all major IATA Airlines.

Our preferred suppliers and ground operators are the culmination of years of supply meetings, trade fairs, workshops and contracting.

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I have bought a package. How can I book other services?

Anyone, including licensed Travel Agents can book a package with us. Additionally, anyone can purchase general day to day travel from us, to anywhere on the planet. If you have a package and want to add anything to it, such as Flights, Accommodation, Rental Cars, Insurance, Trains or Cruises you simply need to contact us, or see more about our travel services.

If you just want general travel, or to build your own package to an event we don’t have listed, please contact us. Our friendly travel consultants will customise you a package.

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Can I change options in my package?

For the majority of our pre-made packages, customisations are possible, but subject to availability. Often for major events, towns or cities are booked out for accommodation and services well in advance. However, if there is availability, we can almost always customise your package to your exact needs. Importantly, many of our packages for events come with options that you can choose from, with the best possible rates that the public and other companies don’t have access to, so before you go customising, please check the package options, we may have what you already need!

For general travel, we will customise everything the way you want it, and provide you with advice or options if needed.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is completely necessary, we recommend it for any and every trip. We can add policies to your existing booking, or you can book it yourself with a special 15% rebate.

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What extra travel can I add to my package?

We specialise in sports and luxury travel, but can book a variety of travel services, with packages or individually. We can customise your package, tour or itinerary with any travel service you can think of.

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How do I book a package?

You can make a booking with us by phone, email or online.

We have a general booking request form you can fill out, or some events have a dedicated specific online form which you will be directed to.

We have done everything we can to ensure you can book with us as efficiently as possible gathering the data we need to confirm your event or travel arrangements.

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Why should I book with you?

Since 1993 we have been a pioneer of Sports and Luxury Travel in Australia. We have a large range of packages to suit most budgets, for all major events and have the flexibility to customize packages to any event or destination you can think of. We are a flexible and highly experienced travel company ensuring you receive the best possible travel services at the best prices.

We know travel, inside and out.  We love what we do.  Fulfillment is our priority and you are our number one customer.

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How can I register for an event that's not released yet?

You need to subscribe to our electronic newsletter to be on that list to receive all products as they are released.  By registering you will receive our newsletter, which has news on when events are released, special deals and new releases, straight to your inbox.

You can unsubscribe or remain on that list noting that we average only one e news every 2 weeks at the most – you wont be swamped with releases.

I have a group who wants to book travel, can you help?

We have the facilities, experience and knowledge to cater for small to large groups, whether it’s a club, organisation, business, school or simply a collection of individuals. We can customise packages to suit any group needs, including group flights and land arrangements. We have a group department dedicated to this. If you have a group and are looking for any travel arrangements or a fully customised package or itinerary, you’ve come to the right place.

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Your website doesn't work, can you help?

We have tested our website and it’s functionality on; Safari / Mozilla / Chrome + tablets, mobiles and desktops. Our website may not work on old versions of Internet Explorer.

If you find a bug, or something doesn’t work right, please contact us, we will try to rectify the issue for you and it would also help us! Without your help we may never know.

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, credit-cards (VISA, AMEX and MasterCard – fees apply to most services unless advised – for some events we have fee-free packages), cheque and have an online payment portal on our website, where you can pay an invoice with your credit-card (or we can process them manually)


When do I receive my tickets?

One of the following options will apply;

  • Collection desk at your hotel
  • Collection desk at another hotel
  • Ticket delivery to your hotel room
  • Pre-event ticket delivery
  • Group ticket delivery (pre-departure), to your group leader

You will find out what method we are using (to make your life as easy as possible) in your Travel Documentation.

What is Travel Documentation?

Travel Documentation is what we provide to you before you depart home. The Travel Documentation changes from event to event and what package you choose, it often contains flight vouchers, tickets, maps, event information, merchandise, hotel vouchers and other documents that you can use to redeem services. For all events you will receive your Travel Documentation prior to departure, either by post, courier or electronically (this changes per event and the event location).


If something goes wrong while travelling, what should I do?

In the rare occasion that something goes wrong, please speak to the end provider, such as an airline or hotel. By speaking to the end provider it avoids miscommunications and double handling of issues and this is the fastest way to solve an issue. If the problem cannot be solved by the end provider, the next thing to do is to contact us. Our direct contact information for an event will be provided in your Travel Documentation, or you can contact our head office if required. For some events we will have ground staff nearby that can directly resolve issues. If you have a problem, please try and resolve it straight away, instead of waiting, as often the problem can be resolved in minutes and may save you days of trouble.

I am a previous guest, do I receive any benefits for travelling with you again?

We value our loyal customers and returning guests. With some events we offer returning guest discounts and specials. To redeem specials, you simply need to let us know that you’ve travelled with us previously, as we have thousands of guests travelling duplicate names are quite common.